About Lisa

A woman standing behind a craft show booth display of cards and artwork

This art business is my heart and soul, and this is me at my first big craft show - The 2012 Christmas Festival in Boston, MA showcasing my custom art and holiday greetings.

Bumblejack is my heart and soul because it's a mash-up of all my favorite things: words, drawing, painting, animals, - particularly bees and ravens, my family (Jack is my boy) wearing my heart on my sleeve, and of course, art and greeting cards.

Originally from the Midwest, I studied fine art, graphic design and English at Kent State University, and spent over 17 years in Boston, MA, and now live in Portland, OR.

As far back as I can remember, I've always loved books, writing, art, nature, and design, and have spent my life intertwining them. I choose medium and method to suit the message, often including painting, drawing, design, illustration, and writing together in my work. It's my mission to help people feel empowered, seen and connected.

I like to use nature and its rhythms as subject matter to inspire unique individual expression, challenge concepts of separation and disconnection from self and others, and remind us that we are all connected to things bigger than ourselves that support us, even if our eyes can't see it - be it family, our values, our interests, sense of place, a cause or a mission, or even a new way of thinking.

I express these themes in abstract mixed media paintings, wildlife watercolors, custom illustrations, and illustrations for books and greeting cards.




Lisa Grablovic Coriell