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Bumblejack Cards

Banana Slug Set of 10 Flat Notecards with Envelopes

Banana Slug Set of 10 Flat Notecards with Envelopes

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Banana Slugs!!! Every kid loves them, and every parent is secretly grateful their child hasn't licked one! Except this parent here. Thank you, camp counselor for telling them it was a good kid got a raging case of strep after that one...

Whether they live in your home or your place of work, your kids - the biological ones, or the ones in the classroom - will love these sweet, sunshiny, happy little slugs that grace our rock undersides, forests and gardens in the summertime.

Great for kids to send or receive as thank you's, sweet little notes, and happy letters of encouragement for to their friends or for you to gift to them letting them know to hang in there, they did a great job, or are in your thoughts.

Printed carbon neutrally and packaged with as little plastic as possible.

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