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Bumblejack Cards

Bumblebee & Lavender Fine Art Greeting Card Blank Inside 5x7

Bumblebee & Lavender Fine Art Greeting Card Blank Inside 5x7

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Hello fellow beekeepers, bee lovers, Apis mellifera fans, bumble snugglers, and advocates for our beautiful yellow and black planet Earth pollinating powerhouses! I SEE YOU!!! This is for YOU! This original watercolor work created by me, was a month-long meditation on these small but mighty contributors to nature's balance and success. They work so hard. They are so single-mindedly driven toward their purpose, and whether a bumble bee, a honeybee, a sweet little digger bee or a leaf-cutter, they all contribute tremendously to our survival and the survival of our planet.

The card detail is high quality, and is great as a stand-alone small gift for a nature or bee lover, as part of a larger gift, or to send with your own message.

Blank inside, this card measures 5x7 is printed carbon neutrally, comes with coordinating envelope, and packaged with as little plastic as possible.

Show your dedication to protecting these important creatures, help spread awareness to support their hard work, and help fight for their protection in your giving.

Created and meant to be sent with love, and love for the bees!

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